Billing invoice generation delayed

Valued customer,

Due to some security patches we made earlier last month the invoice generation was affected and thus customers were not notified of the invoices.
We have generated all invoice due. Kindly pay the invoices at your convenience and let us know if you need any help with anything.


25th Aug 2012
Database restoration completed for

Congrats !!

Your databases are now stored on a RAID10 storage server that will give you redundancy against HDD failure as well as performance upgrades.

We hope you remain satisfied with our passion to serve you better.

Great day to everyone !

2nd Jun 2012 update

The hardware changes have been made and we are busy restoring databases.

Another update will be given once all databases are restored.

2nd Jun 2012
Scheduled upgrade of hardware on database node

We shall be performing some hardware upgrades on our database node in the next several hours. This upgrade will benefit all our customers to provide them better data redundancy and performance. We expect this to take not more than 3 hours, however once the server is up, we'de need further 8 to 12 hours to restore all ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2012

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